symbiogenèse parasitisme et techno-compost (série des écosystèmes), 2024
le corps-glitch (multitudes), 2022
unboxing another otherness, 2021-22
surface 4.0, 2020-21
brewing symbiotic care: feeding and nurturing a fungi cyborg feminist future, 2020
calling upon the digital touch @ that thing in my room, 2020 / Photo credits: Andreas Giesecke
tactile cravings (exhausted by oversharing everything), 2020
swiping compressed filtered love (et enfin, permettre l'incontrôlable), 2019
Prägung (modification profonde), 2018-19
la tendresse (sensual wedding), 2018
la promesse thérapeutique et le potentiel de proximité, 2018
entanglements (complexes), 2018
devenir-cyborg (étude de la compression), 2018
entité intraitable (unprocessable entity), 2018
A Chatroom Fabulation, 2017-18
between bodies and clouds (my desired incomputable algorithm and the predictable operator), 2017
chromatic chatter, 2018
An Inverted System to Feel (your shared agenda), 2016
mutual teletouch series v.2, 2015
the frictional landscape between you and me, 2015
body re-positioning, 2015
I've got you under my skin (or the anthropotechnoromantic infiltration), 2014
fluid intimacies, 2014
wearables1, 2019
alone together, 2013
absence and addiction, 2014
in tender memory of bad choices, 2011-14
à travers l'écran/through the screen, 2010
ein kleines Paradies, 2012