#Brewing Symbiotic Care: Feeding and Nurturing a Fungi Cyborg Feminist Future @ Akademie Schloss Solitude, Web Residency Muntu Maxims, alongside with Nkhensani Mkhari, Lark VCR and Zahra Malkani, curated by Violet Nantume, November 15th - December 15th, 2020


#Bunch of Kunst in Quarantine: Paradox Paradise @, online, October 8th - November 30th, 2020



#Empathy Loading, June 15th, 2020, online @


#calling upon the digital touch
go see the documentation of my latest intervention, visit the website of the project
that thing in my room hosted by Markus Heller.

#From the viewpoint of a cyborg an interview with the artist Marie-Eve Levasseur
recently got translated to English! You can read it here.

#artist monography

This catalog traces the development of Levasseur's work from 2014 to the present. Each artwork is contextualized and presented before an interested audience in a poetic, yet comprehensible way. The catalog project is not only presenting her artistic development but also, and in particular, pressing current questions of ethics in technology.

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#surface 4.0 @ 3D world online, coming soon!

surface 4.0, 2020
surface 4.0, 2020

#MORE-THAN / Affects & Social Media #5
Sensorium Art Show & Conference

@University of East London
Dates will be announced as soon as possible