brewing symbiotic care

feeding and nurturing a fungi cyborg feminist future

„The hymn to Ninkasi is a recipe that is poetry as well as instructions, one that was most probably sung by the brewers while working, honoring the oral tradition of knowledge transmission. Ninkasi is the beer goddess but also the beer itself. For this Web Residency project, I am rewriting this hymn, updating it to a modern language and modernizing its ingredients, images, and processes while trying to keep the poetic and repetitive flow. I want this hymn to pay homage to all the brewsters, priestesses, and witches from the past."

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hymn to the fungi goddesses of beer

Born of the flowing water
Tenderly fed by sweets of all sorts
Born of the optimal matter
Tenderly cared for by the sacred arts

They will find inspiration in the caring mothers
They will find their ways back to our futures

Mbaba Mwana Waresa,
Brigid of Kildare,
Siduri, Hildegard von Bingen
And Siris among others

They sung their art as they were brewing
That is how we now know what got erased
Those who looked after beer, birth and healing
Those priestesses, alewives and braceresses

Learning from, existing within the invisible
They used the proper containers
Their porous bodies filled with knowledge
Collaborating with mystical powers

They are the ones with the grain mill
The malt, crushed gently
They are the ones bursting with skill
The starch extracted and free

They are the ones with the brew kettle
Working the malt into the water
They are the ones with the hydrometer
Stirring the grains, extracting sugar

A brewing paddle constantly circling
The waves rise, the waves fall
Her hands warmly doing the mashing
The waves rise, the waves fall

Mixing the brew over the lovely fire
Chanting the algorithmic prayer
Guided by her heart and her desire
A shared ritual, becoming together