unboxing another otherness

installation, video episode series (with AR masks and 3D integration), plants, ceramics, 3D prints, digital prints, variable dimensions, 2021-22

In an approach inspired by feminist science fiction, these unboxing videos allow to imagine optimized contacts, mutations, symbioses between the human body and its interlocutor, the technological Other, the vegetal or the animal. Thus, emancipated cyborg figures, web witches and non-human influencers offer various perspectives here, about speculatively designed objects, new extensions for the body.

"These fictional objects provide their consumers with different forms of extensions and life hacks: whether it is a device that offers the possibility of slowing down the processors of technological objects; or fake regenerative nails that allow the body to renew its energy through photosynthesis, the work opens up the space of a becoming other of which technologies can be the vector. This relationship to otherness participates in identity: through the use of prostheses and augmentations, a blossoming of possibilities takes place, a deployment of the personality and its multiple facets emerges and is actualized." (Bachand, 2022)

These episodes produce a generative narrative that allow us to fabricate a potential future where interactions through our screens no longer make us forget the fact that everyone has a body.

Episode 1: unboxing a symbiosis with the vegetal

Episode 2: unboxing the humanimal potential


Episode 4: unboxing nonhuman communication

Episode 5: unboxing the digital ritual


Performance / actress:
Nadège Grebmeier-Forget

Sound recording and director's assistant:
Cynthia Thibault

Marie-Eve Levasseur
and synthetic AI voices from https://app.uberduck.ai

Armand Lecouturier

In all episodes except episode 2:
by Jakub Gruhl

together with royalty free tracks:

trailer: UFO by KV

Episode 1: UFO by KV

Episode 2: The Shining in Dubai by Unicorn Heads 

Episode 3: Morning by KV

Episode 4: Fair by Jahzzar

Episode 5: A Mystical Experience by Unicorn Heads

3D printing:
Louis Bouvier

Ceramic glazing:
Sophie-Ève Adam

AR masks made with Lens Studio


#unboxingvideo #slowtech #feministscifi #digitalart #speculativedesign
#LArtAuCoeurDeNosVies #BringingTheArtsToLife

unboxing another otherness, 2021-22

I acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts

This work has been made possible with the additional support of
Ada X as co-producer and the Jano Lapin Gallery studios