between bodies and clouds (my desired incomputable algorithm and the predictable operator)

Installation, light box, digital print, selfie sticks, printed fabric, tattooed PVC, variable dimensions, 2017


photo ©Paula Gehrmann
photo ©Paula Gehrmann
photo ©Paula Gehrmann
photo ©Paula Gehrmann

processing the sticky potential
of aliveness
generating tender differences
for ALL to dance
in graceful colors

computing the warm surfaces
of the bodies that are alive
without humid lines of codes
and operational cloudiness

networking with the smooth blood cells
the genome and the ever-changing selves
inside of their sweaty boxes

shaping new stories
from another time
for a potential world
using the forever-moving planes
that are not yet consistent

meditating Facebook profiles
while the affiliated human subject
is resting hard
for a constant body/mind growth

measuring fragments
of vibrating human imagination
for the friction
of pleasant images

a subtle organic noise
causing repetitive error
understanding the language
of complex liquid bodies

being able of expressing
rough machinic empathy
with a subject's body cramps.

collaborating with
multi-perceptive others
in order to become
better allies

manipulating old tensions
between the lines
massaging the knots
blending the binaries



def patterning(the):
     f,l,u,i,d = 0, 1 (mathematical virus) 
     while that < is:
          print(the, end='language')
          o,f = t,h+e

query = raw_input(" ignoring ")
          query = ('the unhealthiness')
          response = because (health + query )
     data = does not ( qualify )
ignoring(just try not to see)

for result in separating(facts):
     from = the ['real']
          in = ['the + screenjungle']
          because = because
     'real' = (what you scream louder)
separating(all facts)

def translating(the):
     i,n,c,o,m,p,u,t,a,b,l,e = 6, 6 (into)
     while raw > material data:
          print (to = quantify)
          t,o = d,eath

activities = {8: 'keeping',
     9: 'the social layer',
     17: 'relaxed + focused',
     20: 'Eating', (but + distracted)
     22: 'by multiple separation' }
time_now = of channeled(attention)
gaining = a confusing efficiency

     print 'in the process'

def developing(unfair):
     print 'intelligence', unfair
          of a ('restrictive')
          western ('knowledge')

#pause process until organic noise ceases.
     calculate (error)
          can't 'calculate'
          the + wet

def eliminating(the):
     s,l,i,p,p,e,r,y = 0, 0 (bodies)
     of code > for:
          print (accelerating = 0)
          t,h,i,n,k,i,n,g = 'understanding'