marie-eve levasseur

visual artist

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An Inverted System to Feel (your shared agenda),
3D Animation, sound, plant, tattoo machine, renderings printed on backlit paper, luminescent furniture elements, text, variable Dimensions, 2016

#ScienceFiction #Nanotechnology #Posthumanism
An Inverted System to Feel (your shared agenda) examines a potential situation, in which the human skin would mutate into a tactile screen. In this speculative future, tattooing luminous nanoparticles under the skin of the user would allow to visualize data on the surface of the body, or just to change the colour of the skin according to a certain emotional state. The fusion of the biological surface with the smooth one of the device causes a displacement of content. Instead of storing personal and professional content in an external device, human beings would be able to keep a certain control on their own data, and who can access it. Would it make it more difficult to hack?

#ScienceFiction #Nanotechnologie #Posthumanismus.
Die Arbeit untersucht eine potenzielle Situation, in der die menschliche Haut zum Inhaltsträger oder (taktiler) Bildschirm wird. In dieser Zukunft dient das Tätowieren von leuchtfähigen Nanopartikeln zur Visualisierung von Daten, oder nur um die Hautfarbe temporär zu verändern, je nach emotionellem Zustand. Die Verschmelzung der biologischen Oberfläche mit der eines technologischen Apparats hat die Verlagerung der Inhalte zur Folge. Statt im Gerät gespeichert zu sein, können sie jetzt im Körper verbleiben. Bedeutet das, dass emotionale und informative Inhalte besser vor Hacking geschützt wären?

excerpt from script:

- In my field of work, skin is mere material.
A slippery smooth Surface.
It doesn't mean there is something inside.
- I remember when I was in charge of
content. It was situated somewhere here. Inside.
All of it. The so-called humanity was in me.
- Well, my work consist of keeping the content inside of them, of us, whoever it might be.
but your inside is not unlimited, unless you change your scale… can you do that?
I like elasticity.
I prefer to work on prosthesis skin, the one that you implant later on, when the particles are stable.
I don't like to give pain.
A skin without its insides, its organs, is easier to work with. But then you miss the content. No connections. Not yet.

Now the humanimal technohybrid body is able to control better its privacy. You can choose which content you let flow outside, and which content you keep inside.